We have a fully equipped boutique studio and can deliver both in-person or online training.  CanSports has professional and experienced instructors that can guide you using a wide range of workout equipment, or no equipment at all!  Our bespoke programs are specifically designed for your unique physiological needs, and our customised training app helps you easily manage your personalised program.    

We have been offering a unique style of movement therapy for over a decade.  We are the first in Singapore to integrate functional and mobility training with Pilates and myofascial release.


Theresa Le Sliworsky is the founder of CanSports. 

A former weightlifter, swimmer, triathlete and runner, health and fitness is Theresa’s passion and she has been involved in competitive sports for most of her life.  But after also having two kids, working long hours at the desk, running her food business and pushing her body to its limits, she got injured - and thus began a decade-long journey to find a solution to her persistent back and shoulder pain.  After attempting various forms of treatment, she discovered Pilates and movement therapy, particularly the importance of training for injury prevention and overall health.  

Theresa spent 25 years working in various stages of the food industry in Canada and Japan: from food inspection, quality control, lobbyist, food design, food development, marketing and branding, to being a TV chef, cooking instructor, and running her own catering company and food business, Genki Bar Foods Inc.  

In 2012, Theresa decided to focus her energy on combining her two true passions: food and fitness, helping people eat and train smarter and work towards increasing body awareness, flexibility, strength and stability, and CanSports was born.    

Her personal struggles, extensive training and dedication to what she does have equipped Theresa with the first-hand knowledge needed to effectively train and support others looking to prevent or overcome injuries, and take charge of their health and fitness.    

Theresa is a certified Fitgenes practitioner, a Master Functional Trainer and currently holds certifications in STOTT PILATES®, Pre/Postnatal Pilates,  Pilates for Menopause Specialist from The Centre for Women's Fitness; and Diastasis Recti Recovery Specialist from The Centre Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery.  In addition to Pilates, she is a fully certified Athletic Movement Assessment practitioner (the only one in Singapore), NKT Level 1, FRC, certified NASM Personal Trainer, accredited ELITE Rehabilitation Trainer, Certified Kinesiotaping - K1and K2, as well as a Certified Instructor for TRX® Suspension Group Training L1.  She is certified as a Biomechanics Specialist, an Age-related Movement Specialist, and a Core Control & System Specialist with Body Harmonics.  Theresa is also a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach.  And on top of all this, Theresa is an Advanced Reiki Practitioner.   

Over the years Theresa has worked with Olympic athletes, professional athletes, high-performance triathlon teams, swim teams, kinesiologists, food scientists, dietitians, coaches, and trainers.  All of these experiences developed her understanding and appreciation of the important and intricate relationship between nutrition and training.​ 


To learn more about our programs or what is best suited to you, contact us for a consultation.

We offer:
•  Fitgenes 
•  Adventures in Weight Loss (AWL)
•  Nutrition Coaching
•  Fat Loss
•  Weight Management
•  Biomagnetic Resonance Testing
•  InBody Body Composition Testing
•  Movement Assessment 
•  Metabolic Efficiency Screening 

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We offer nutrition, movement and mindfulness for the mind, body and soul.  Reach and maintain the best version of YOU.   

CanSports provides holistic training that is more than just a quick fix, but a lifestyle change.  We help you feed your body optimally, train your body correctly and respond to what your body is saying so you move better, feel better and live life to the fullest.  Let us help you embark on a health journey that can be easily integrated into your day-to-day life.