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Rehabilitation Movement Therapy and Functional Rehabilitation Training 
(for Injury Prevention & Management)

Rehabilitation Movement Therapy and Functional Training involves using specific exercises to help you balance, strengthen and stabilize your muscles so that you can move better in daily life. Sessions are suitable for injury prevention and management.  Sessions are suited for those coming off an injury, post surgery and cleared from their physician to start an exercise program.  Let our certified Rehabilitation specialist help you get back on your feet. 

Posture Correction
Involves an assessment of one’s posture in static and dynamic movement.  Posture is key to better mobility, stability and pain free movement.  Dysfunction can result in chronic pain and deteriorating quality of life. Understanding where and why your body moves in a particular way can help address the root cause so that you can move better and find long term solutions.  

Pilates (reformer & mat)
Pilates is mind- body resistance training that combines strength, flexibility and mobility to help you build and improve posture, tone, enhance coordination and balance so that you can move more freely with less aches and pain.  Challenge your balance, strength and mobility with the added resistance of strings, pulleys, and weights of the reformer. Our Pilates training is designed to stretch and lengthen your body, tone your muscles, relieve stress, reduce chronic pain, and rejuvenate yourself. 

Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning and Injury Prevention 
Whether you are a weekend warrior or a high performer athlete knowing your strength and weakness will improve your performance and prevent injuries. 

Private Small Group Class

We focus on small customized private group classes. This allows us to tailor our class to your needs and make it a priority to know who you are.  Classes are created based on the necessities of the clients in class.  We strive to provide an individualized program even in a group setting.