Not held in Singapore, try one of our online programs via the CanSports app.  Using our app, receive your meal and exercise plans, and track your progress, all on your phone.    

This is a great way to kick-start your health and wellness journey, no matter where you are.  

Tried, tested and true, Adventures in Weight loss is a 12-week program that is medically supervised and personalised to you and your specific needs.   

Why our eating program is so effective  

For effective weight loss to occur, you must customise the type and amount of food you're eating to your specific needs, taking into account any personal allergies or different tastes.  

AWL's gentle detox and system recovery allows a sluggish metabolism to normalise.  This leads you to learn what foods cause you to put on weight and how to avoid them, therefore learning the secrets of your own metabolism.  It also allows your hormonal system to rebalance itself, reactivating your body’s fat-burning hormones.  

You eat lots of real food with no meal replacements.  We want your metabolism to work hard and fast, not be sluggish due to missed meals and stodgy, sugar-laden non-food.  

We help you to really enjoy the taste of true food and empower you with recipes and confidence that you can easily prepare fresh food for every meal. 

Other services

Tried and tested.  This is a 7-day program to rev up your metabolism and gain the clarity and energy you have been missing.  A 7-day reboot program designed to get you back on your feet, or a great lead in to one of our customised programs.

Sample Day Outline

● Breakfast
● Revitalising workout 
● Lunch
● Dinner
● Evening - 10 min Posture Care and Stretch 

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All our programs are customisable to you!

Get Fit - A Better You in a

6-Week program (In-studio)

Following a health and wellness consultation, we will design a meal plan that suits your goals, food tolerances, lifestyle, and taste preferences. 

​7-Day Detox & Reboot

Adventures in Weight Loss 12-Week Program

​Nutrition Plans

Movement/Exercise Training Programs

Stronger.  Faster.  Leaner.  Lighter.  Take your pick.  Whatever your goal is - improve endurance, muscle gain, weight loss - this program will help you reach it.  This combination of nutrition and exercise will change your habits and your frame of mind.  Learn how changes in your diet, training and mental health affect your current state of being.     

This program takes you from ground zero and guides you to optimum health.  Ideal for someone who is stuck and needs a change but not sure where to start.  


Following your Movement Assessment, we will work with you to design a training program that suits your lifestyle and movement patterns.

Clean & Lean From Home Program (Online)