​Integrative Nutrition​

Our diet is directly correlated to changes in our body. That is why CanSports offers the an Integrative Nutrition and Fitness program. With this, we create a program specifically catered to you and your lifestyle. By using a variety of different food programs, we make it possible to cater to different necessities.

Integrative Nutrition and Fitness is an integrative system used to help you embark on a health journey that addresses your body. We look for the optimal functioning of that whole entity-the body and the mind.

We do not usually take the time to reflect on our health and how the lives we lead effect out bodies. This program helps you to realize what your body needs in order for your mind to be a better place.

The body-mind entity represents an integrated system on living cells in constant communication. From the molecular to the muscular, fitness must be defined by the success of the organism to operate at the highest of mental, physical and spiritual performance to achieve optimal quality and quantity of the life span.

We design a health protocol centred around nutrition and fitness. Through exercise, support, coaching and wholesome nutrition, our clients are able to achieve their health goals and feel happy, healthy and strong.

Our programs are specifically designed for your unique physiology need that will bring you to a place of optimum health.

Good nutrition will benefit an individual for life. Each visit begins with a consultation of current nutritional intake, lifestyle and activity habits. Using industry leading knowledge and personal expertise an individualized program will be designed to meet your specific needs and body type.

CanSports, Singapore is a health and wellness consultancy company providing Pilates, Personal Training, Group Fitness Training Programs as well as Intergrative Food and Nutrition consulting. CanSports also conducts youth training programs as part of extra curricular activity for international schools in Singapore.

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