When I first came to Cansports in Dec 202, my lower back felt broken, my core was weak and my overall body posture and strength was in need of improvement. I felt and looked tired and slow. Theresa is knowledgeable, hardworking, self-motivated, determined and very humble. I see her work and the results of her training in both myself and others, and all I can say is wow! You are good! Theresa, you will always be appreciated.

Amelia Sevilla

Serene Teo

“So much love for Theresa and CanSports!  She's been kicking my butt for three years now!  Awesome tailored workouts and noticeable progress! 

Love it!!”   

“Heartfelt thanks to Theresa who is so positive and stood by us during a difficult period.  It was by chance I got to know Theresa from CanSports Health & Wellness Centre.  Despite knowing my hubby’s complex conditions, she took up the challenge.  She was very firm yet encouraging during every session.  She celebrates every little progress and goes the extra mile to help us.  Although her therapy session was not easy but hubby only wanted to continue with her.  Would highly recommend Theresa!”  

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Erin bird



"I love CanSports and Theresa’s classes. She is a great motivator and a knowledgeable instructor.  She makes you work muscles you did not know existed!  Thank you."  

Theresa Le Sliworsky

Michael Conde

Theresa Le Sliworsky is a mother, wife, and founder of CanSports.  She believes in empowering her clients with the tools to achieve their fitness goals, and to make training fun.  She specialises in helping those over 40 with age-related issues and working with athletes to get their game back after injury.

Theresa is a coach in the areas of nutrition, weight management, and overall lifestyle modification.  She teaches classes on Pilates, functional training, and sport-specific training, as well as rehabilitation movement therapy.  She is also a Fitgenes and AWL practitioner.