Brindha is a highly sought-after veteran trainer and manual therapist among the expat and local community in Singapore.  Brindha is a Master Functional Trainer, Rehabilitation Specialist, Pilates instructor, Women’s Fitness - Pre/postnatal Trainer & Manual Therapist.  

If that is not enough, the mother of two is also pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Sports & Exercise Science, and Precision Nutrition course.   

Philosophy - Movement is medicine - move freely without pain.  

Favourite exercises - Power-lifting and Reformer Pilates. 

Motivated to get off the couch, Esther got on the mat.  Through her yoga journey, she has seen improvements in her overall body system and physique, plus the cultivation of mindfulness and patience for herself and her friends.   

Service-oriented at heart, Esther is dedicated to customising classes in order to crystallise students' goals.  She works on the framework of proper alignment as building blocks of a safe, sound, and progressive practice.  Additionally, her gentle, motivating, and soothing voice enhances the calming experience for students.   

Esther has completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training with Lynn Yeo and Sumei Shum at Space and Light Studios, a Yoga Alliance accredited school.  Furthermore, she has broadened her yoga knowledge through a Yin Yoga Immersion workshop with Victor Chng, founder of Yin Yoga in Asia.   

Esther teaches Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Restorative, and Yin Yoga to individuals and groups. ​ 

“Heartfelt thanks to Theresa who is so positive and stood by us during a difficult period.  It was by chance I got to know Theresa from CanSports Health & Wellness Centre.  Despite knowing my hubby’s complex conditions, she took up the challenge.  She was very firm yet encouraging during every session.  She celebrates every little progress and goes the extra mile to help us.  Although her therapy session was not easy but hubby only wanted to continue with her.  Would highly recommend Theresa!”  

Esther Tan

KhimNoy embarked on her yoga journey when she was working in Hong Kong.  Since then, she has been exposed to various forms of yoga including Anusara, Jivamukti, Yin, Forrest, and Dharma.    

She is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga and its benefits.  She conscientiously uses the practice of yoga to bring awareness to participants and correct their postures.  The act of doing so helps improve the quality of one's life.  She completed her yoga training in Krabi, Thailand, as well as in Hong Kong, and is a Reiki practitioner.  She specialises in Yoga Therapy and Myofascial Release Therapy.   

KhimNoy teaches Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Myofascial Release to individuals and groups. 

Amelia Sevilla

Michael Conde

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Serene Teo

Theresa Le Sliworsky is a mother, wife, and founder of CanSports.  She believes in empowering her clients with the tools to achieve their fitness goals, and to make training fun.  She specialises in helping those over 40 with age-related issues and working with athletes to get their game back after injury.

Theresa is a coach in the areas of nutrition, weight management, and overall lifestyle modification.  She teaches classes on Pilates, functional training, and sport-specific training, as well as rehabilitation movement therapy.  She is also a Fitgenes and AWL practitioner. 

Theresa Le Sliworsky

"When it comes to personal fitness there are loads of trainers that talk a good game, but Theresa Le Sliworsky helps you make it happen.  She has enabled me, coached me, and given me confidence, and has presented me with a lifestyle.  She is engaging and extremely dedicated to her craft and clients.  She's tough, she's caring, she’s personable, and has been a true gift for me.  She is allowing me to be the person that I always believed I [was]… only now it shows on the outside as well." 

"I love CanSports and Theresa’s classes. She is a great motivator and a knowledgeable instructor.  She makes you work muscles you did not know existed!  Thank you."  

Brindha Gajendran  

Khimnoy Yeo


Erin bird

“So much love for Theresa and CanSports!  She's been kicking my butt for three years now!  Awesome tailored workouts and noticeable progress! 

Love it!!”