Screening and Assessement

BIA and Resonance Magnetic Testing, includes summary of findings and food suggestions

Starts at $39+ /30mins

Starts at $65+ /60mins

Starts at $50+ /pax

Starts at $75+ /session

Bio Dome Heat and EMS Therapy


Reformer/Pilates/Personal Training/Yoga


Initial Consultation

First session takes about 90 minutes


Follow up visit

Each session last about 1 hour

EMS Therapy

Personal Training / Private Yoga

Integrative Nutrition Coaching

30 min. HIIT 

Duets/Partner Private Training

Starts at $35+ /session 

Starts at $100+ /session

CanSports, Singapore is a health and fitness consultancy company providing Pilates, Personal Training, Group Fitness Training Programs as well as Intergrative Food and Nutrition consulting. CanSports also conducts youth training programs as part of extra curricular activity for international schools in Singapore.

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Starts at $39+ /30mins

Bio Dome Heat Therapy

Semi Private Classes 

Private Reformer Pilates/ Rehabilitation and Training


Starts at $125+ /session

Reiki Treatment


Starts at $19+ /session

TRX, Yoga, Mat Pilates, Circuit Training, Kettlebell, Barre


Exercise Plan

1 week exercise plan based on consultation and assessment


Meals Plan

1 week meals based on consultation and assessment