Rehabilitation Movement Therapy and Functional Rehabilitation Training involve using specific exercises to help you balance, strengthen and stabilise your muscles so that you can move better in daily life.  Sessions are suitable for injury prevention and management.  Also suited to those coming off an injury, or post-surgery and cleared by their physician to start an exercise program.  Let our certified rehabilitation specialist help you get back on your feet. 

This involves an assessment of one’s posture in static and dynamic movement.  Posture is key to better mobility, stability, and pain-free movement.  Dysfunction can result in chronic pain and deteriorating quality of life.  Understanding where and why your body moves in a particular way can help address the root cause so that you can move better and find long-term solutions.  

Posture Correction

Manual Therapy and Myofascial Release is a combination of deep tissue and joint mobilisation (up to grade 4) which involves pin and stretch to improve the joint range of motion.  Myofascial Release helps reduce pain in our bodies by easing the tight knots on the trigger points, thus restoring muscle and fascia tissue elasticity to improve mobility and blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.  

From injury prevention and rehabilitative movement therapy to functional training, our integrative approach to movement, health and wellness will get you feeling stronger and more confident in no time.  Working with your physiotherapist or our in-house therapist and certified rehabilitation trainers, we will help you recover and get you back into your daily training routine or sport in no time.

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Injured?  In Pain? 

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Manual Therapy &Myofascial Release


Rehabilitation Movement Therapy & Functional Rehabilitation Training

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